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Riding the Health Roller Coaster

Reflections of the Roller Coaster Year That Was 2020

Hello Fellow Big Footers! 

2020, what a ride huh? (BTW can I get off yet?) I can try as I might but time marches on and this ride has no exit. 

Here is the good news that I often forget about: I am not on this ride alone! This is helpful to remember because at times I feel overwhelmed, triggered, angry, and resentful. The cause may be the people around me, social media, regular media, institutions, politics, the list goes on, and sometimes the resentments are about myself. 

Sometimes I just want to just shut down and try to navigate 2020 … and 2021 … on my own. 

Now don’t get me wrong, slowing down and being mindful and introspective has it place, but it only has its place until it doesn’t. And when it doesn’t it’s not such a friendly place to be, believe me. So where do I go when what is out there scares me?

It’s right in front of me, in fact I am a part of it. The community I’m finding on BIGFOOTHEALTH. I mean, the people here are amazing and it just keeps getting better. Have you met our three newest team members for instance? Or checked out this great blog on gratitude by Kevin Kirsch?

While I am not implying that one website or movement has all the answers, I am saying being healthy is more than what it may mean at first glance. It’s about supporting each other on the journey.

So if you are reading this today, you are a survivor, and you may have something to share about what that means. Our health journey may not always be pretty, but even through the ugliness of it all, something good can still come from it. 

So while this is not a ride I would knowingly choose to ride again, I am still on it and I am glad I am on it with you! 

What I’ve learned in 2020 is that staying connected might be more important for my health than resolving to burn 500 calories on the treadmill for my New Year’s resolution

So in 2021, I will resolve to stay better connected, because if I’m going to get up on that treadmill, it is much easier to burn those calories with others.

Hope to see you on the trails,

Dr. Jeff Blixt

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