About Jeff

Dr. Blixt, an Osteopathic Physician is currently in private practice treating patients primarily related to addiction and weight-related conditions. Prior to specialization is these two areas he was a Family Practice physician. Those roots are still with him and believe in treating the whole person.

Currently is also Medical Director at Recovery Unlimited, a comprehensive outpatient addiction treatment program. Previous employment has included Medical Director of Shadow Mountain Recovery and Detox.


As a physician for over 19 years, he has treated and helped persons with wide ranging health related issues. He is board certified by the ABOM in Addiction Medicine. As a former Family Practice physician and now specializing in treating persons with addictions and weight related issues he sees the importance of a trusting relationship between physicians and patients. Fostering this trusting relationship can help persons achieve their goals for their overall health. And often more importantly at least start asking that question. “What are my goals for my health?” Yes, life can move pretty quickly! He is passionate about what he does professionally as a physician.

Personal Interests

In his personal life he enjoys spending time with his family and getting outdoors whenever he can. You might find him running, hiking or biking on many of the great mountains and trails Colorado has to offer.

Other personal interests include Yoga and meditation. No headstands yet, maybe someday.

His Belief

He believes that it is important to exercise the mind as well as the body. Life has many demands that can seem to extinguish that spark that we all have, making time to take care of our mind and body in healthy ways can help keep that flame shinning bright. Despite our struggles, challenges and imperfections we can live more happy and healthy lives. If stress creates a crack or two in our wellbeing that may actually be the opportunity we need both to let the light shine into us, but also letting our own light shine out.

He sees a commonality in treating any potentially chronic condition, be it a substance use disorder, struggling with weight related issues, treating diabetes or high blood pressure or even depression. While these are different conditions that may require different medical treatment options. They can all be helped with lifestyle changes, stress management, exercise, etc. They can all be helped with more support and community involvement.

While these “preventive care” measures may be brought up in an office visit with your physician and we all leave with the best intentions it’s hard to put it all together with the rest of life waiting at the doorsteps. But what if that connection does not end after the office visit. What if your health care provider and you continue to connect and provide motivation. What if you have a place where you can share and motivate yourself while even motivating others. When you are ready to take that first step you don’t have to take it alone and we will take that Bigfoot step together.

What does Bigfoot health mean to me?

It means I want and need support with goals I have to live the best life I can live. Connecting with friends, mentors, coaches and likeminded persons. These all help motivate me to be the best I can be. That’s why big foot health is starting, four friends who are excited about our own health and want others to be as well, sharing our goal, networking with others in person and through the internet and social media. I want to help motivate you and I can’t wait for you and your story to motivate me.

Despite our many differences and beliefs, I think most people would like a place where we can come together and may realize we are more likeminded than we may think.

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✨Wellness Wednesday✨

Let this stand as a reminder to be kind to yourself because not every day is going to be amazing. It is perfectly fine to let yourself feel the emotions you feel when you are down because it is in dealing with these emotions that you make progress with your mental health rather than bottling everything inside. There is no one form of progress!

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✨Wellness Wednesday✨

Love the world. Sounds like a simple statement, but it’s not. It requires choosing to embrace and love the difficulties in life. It involves believing in all the good in the world. It necessitates waking up every morning and choosing to love the world because it encapsulates so much life. It is in this that you will find happiness, so Go Big and choose to love the world and it just might love you right back.
Try posting some of your favorite quotes, lyrics, and verses (like this one) around you as helpful reminders to be the best you can! Go big!
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✨Wellness Wednesday✨

The best way to start achieving your health goals is your mindset, the goals of striving towards the best that you can be! Of course, you may have days where that goal seems so far away. But it is POWERFUL to hold onto that thought in the back of your mind that says, “I can do this!” So remember that being healthy isn’t just about running a mile or eating your fruits and veggies, but also to take care of your inner health!


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✨Wellness Wednesday ✨

With Valentine’s Day being last Sunday, we all know the importance of cherishing and caring for our loved ones. However, do we ever look at ourselves of our Valentine? Have we looked at our reflections in the mirror and only had negative thoughts? That’s why, at Bigfoot Health, we challenge you to start giving your love NOW to yourself, because you deserve it!
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Communing with the trees today at the Birkie Tour #bigfoothealth #gobig ...

With all good things comes moderation, and this includes caffeine! We all need that burst in our day, but just remember your caffeine limits. Go BIG, and crack a smile after you sip your morning coffee! ☕️😄

#healthylifestyle #caffeine #bigfoothealth #healthyliving #gobig #selfcare #healthiswealth

As the late Nipsey Hussle once said “Hard work and dedication”, Consistency is key in pursuing a healthy lifestyle. To what ever you put your mind to stay dedicated! 💯 #gobig#Bigfoothealth#consistencyiskey🔑#dedication#practicemakesperfect#juggling#hardwork ...

Working out should be a celebration of yourself, of how much you can do and how great you can feel about yourself! Of course, as much as we stress on “pushing limits”, it’s healthy to understand what we currently can’t handle. It’s great to take care of ourselves! So remember, Go BIG in the way that works best with you! 💯

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Don’t get stuck in the stillness!

Keep up with your hobbies, and don’t be afraid to try new ones! Studies show the abundant benefits to partaking in hobbies and having structured down time.

GO BIG and try something new today! It’s never the wrong time!

#gobig #bigfoothealth #moveyourbody #healthandwellness #skating #winter #hobby #somethingnew

Are you nervous about the COVID-19 vaccine? Wonder what getting vaccinated was like? If so, check out my interview with my sister, an amazing healthcare worker, on the Bigfoot Health blog (link in bio)! Go BIG! 💪

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Hey Bigfooters!
I interviewed my sister, a registered nurse, about what the past year has been like as a healthcare worker, and how she stays healthy.

If you want to hear about the insightful things she said, click the link in bio!

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💫Wellness Wednesday💫 Take this quote from poet and activist Amanda Gorman who recited her poem “The Hill We Climb” at the presidential inauguration. We cannot be unmotivated, we are the light that will guide the next generation to success with unity. #bigfoothealth#gobig#wellnesswendesday#motivation#presidentialinauguration#bidenharris2021#amandagorman#poem ...

Today, we honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, a national day of service. Go out and do something good for someone, whether it’s sending care packages, virtually volunteering, or being a companion to someone!

It is also equally important that we strive for intersectionality and cultural awareness not only today but keep it a continued conversation! It is a known fact that health disproportionately affects BIPOC communities, and that’s why learning and uplifting their voices in healthcare is so important.  At Bigfoot Health, we want to promote dialogues, awareness, and health for all, and this is what makes us whole.

Check out our blog (link in bio) written by the amazing Tajuana Lordeus on cultural humility, and keep Dr. King’s quote in mind as you start your day.


#mlkday #intersectionality #bigfoothealth #supportbipoc