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Reimagining the Phrase “GO BIG”

“Going BIG” might mean taking a moment to park yourself on the sofa

Earlier this year on a work trip, I stumbled across this YouTube channel featuring the Norwegian Death Diving Championships on the hotel TV.

Basically, men and women hurl themselves off the highest platform of an outdoor pool, do a bunch of mega-tricks in the air, and land face down into the water. I was like, “This is awesome!” These kids were definitely setting a new bar for stunts. They were most definitely “Going BIG!”

But it’s not the only way to Go BIG.

We live in a time where out-sized personalities reign. We see this in our sports, our politics, and our entertainers. Humans have this innate drive to go bigger, louder, and faster than what’s been done before.

There are benefits to this, but when it comes to being healthy, I don’t know that the ego should be the driving force.

I’ll admit that on the surface, our BIGFOOT HEALTH team might contribute to this ego-driven mindset by asking you to “GO BIG!” for your health.

Grammatically speaking, the phrase is a command. Go to the edge on any activity you participate in. And then catapult right over the edge like a Norwegian Death Diver.

While each member of our team brings their own perspective to what “GO BIG” means, we share a common understanding that your journey to a healthy life is yours to define.

So let’s be clear. “GOING BIG” means something different for Doctors Mitchell, Woelffer, Blixt, and myself as it does for you.

So using this context, “GOING BIG” for you might mean:

  • Going backwards
  • Taking a hard left
  • Taking a nap
  • Standing in line without mindlessly scrolling through social media
  • Singing. Perhaps in the shower, your car … or when standing in line
  • Asking for help
  • Not knowing everything
  • Discovering the joy of walking
  • Having a quiet day
  • Having loud days to talk, joke, and laugh
  • Say “no” when you are too busy
  • Prioritizing your health

So rather than catapulting off a diving board (unless of course you want to), think of “GO BIG” as “GO YOU!”

Be the person that you want to be. The bar you set is your bar. That doesn’t mean you lower it. But as Dr. Blixt notes, perhaps it’s best to set your bar somewhere between perfection and giving up.

Go BIG! 🙂


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