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Shh … I Discovered the Secret to Health and Happiness

So, a funny thing has happened during Covid Quarantine the last few weeks, since I’m not doing elective surgery, and only taking partial office hours: I started going on walks with my wife Christina and our family dog Daisy.

“Can we keep moving plz? I sense the presence of a squirrel.” -Daisy

Of course, this could only happen in our current situation.

Normally, I would be going to soccer games, lacrosse tournaments, dance recitals, and ongoing social events. Not to mention, I would be going to work, trying to rid the world of pesky bunions. 🙂

So here’s my discovery: It’s been fantastic! Let me tell you the reasons why:

  • I burn a few calories (Christina’s pace is insane)
  • Build a little bit of muscle (she demands intervals of pushups)
  • Get some fresh air (Germ-free! I hope)
  • Watch Daisy the dog lose her mind spotting squirrels (“You wanna be friends?!”)
  • And therapeutically rant about the insanity of homeschooling! 

My point is that a simple walk every day can be amazingly healthy. It can be by yourself, it can be with your dog, it can be with a loved one. A little bit of physical exercise can go a long way!

I have pooh-poohed walks for years, because I prefer to get some kind of work out with weights or running, but the trouble with those activities are not easy to do every single day (especially when you are 49 years old!) But walking is easy! Just head out the door!

So, start today. Go on a short walk. It’ll be great for your body and mind.  

Go BIG! 

Kirk Woelffer

(Oh, wait a minute … go small! Go for a walk! It’s easy!)

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