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Three Keys to Losing Weight

It’s human nature to want to make short cuts. So when it comes to losing weight, it’s easy to get pulled into the quick fix fad diets.

However losing weight is a marathon, not a sprint. (The good news is that you don’t have to run a marathon to lose weight.) Remember just 10 minutes of exercise has benefits.)

The point is there are no quick fixes and most of us are not going to make it on the cover of some magazine with how we lost 100 pounds in six months.

It is very important to have the right expectations for weight loss. Here are three key tips to build that mindset

1. No single diet will work for everyone

While no single diet is the best for everyone, a lot of diets can work for almost everyone. Most people have to try more than one diet, and have a willingness to continue to change up your diet. But don’t chase diets either. The real goal here is making changes to your everyday behaviors.

2. It’s very important to have another motivation to lose weight besides just a slimmer waist or a lower number on the scale.

Perhaps its living longer, or having more energy to do what you want to do. It might be improving other medical conditions, like lowering blood pressure, controlling diabetes or prediabetes, reducing joint pain and arthritis, or improving your cholesterol.

3. There is no one ideal number or weight you should be at.

Just losing 10% of your starting body weight will result in significant improvement in other medical conditions as described above.

If you need help getting started, be open to seeing a professional that can help such as a physician that specializes in weight loss and/or a nutritionist. Get all the support you can including soliciting the help of coworkers, friends, and family to start you on your journey.

That might translate into taking turns bringing healthy food to work. Having someone else to exercise with. Getting support from groups such as Weight Watchers works for some.

You can inquire right here at BIGFOOT HEALTH for help.

Next week I will share tips from some of my previous clients whom have had better than average weight loss. Here’s a good one to get you started: “I had to retrain my brain not to finish my plate like I was taught as a child.”

It amazing how we carry advice given to us at a younger age into adulthood, and while some of it was of good intention, it may no longer serve us as we try and get healthy.

Hope to see you on the trails

Dr Jeff Blixt

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