Meet Monika Czinano

Hello, everyone! My name is Monika Czinano and I am a student athlete at the University of Iowa. I am excited to be a part of the Bigfoot Health team!

As a basketball player, I know the benefit of staying healthy. I need to be at my best for every game to help our team win. As a college student, staying healthy is just as important. Physical, mental, and emotional health play an important part in completing my coursework and achieving my goals. I am currently a biology major and women’s health minor, but I am interested in a lot of different academic courses. Let me put out a big “Thank you!” to all the doctors at Bigfoot Health for asking me to participate – it will be fun!  I hope that my contributions about staying healthy as a college student/athlete help other students of all ages! Remember, we are all in this together.  Go BIG!!!! -Monika  

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